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TruQua’s Bootcamp Offerings are on-site workshops that will cover key concepts, scenarios, common use cases, best practices and implementation insights. The primary focus of the workshop will be hands-on exercises. Each participant will be given a sandbox environment in TruQua’s SAP system to work through lessons. TruQua teaches from a problem-based approach. We believe the best way to learn is for our attendees to get into the system to use the tools themselves and solve problems so they gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding than traditional classroom training.

If the attendees are all from a single customer, TruQua can deliver a customer-specific environment for exercises prior (via backup and restore into the TruQua training system at least a week before the workshop). This will allow attendees to work on an environment identical to their own. The workshop be conducted onsite or offsite. For onsite workshops, the Client shall cover reasonable expenses.

TruQua SAP Bootcamp

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“Great class. Could not have asked for more. Having lunch off-site was terrific. The whole TruQua team was exceptional.”

“Great course to allow us to see what BPC 10 would look like when we upgrade. Both instructors were very knowledgable and very helpful. They did a great job at answering all of our questions.”

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