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Bootcamp Agenda


Unit 1: Introduction to SAP Analysis for Office
– Introduction to SAP Analysis for Office
– Components of SAP Analysis for Office
Hands-on Exercise includes: Opening Analysis for Office and Configuring your Settings

Unit 2: Basic and Advanced Reporting in Analysis for Office
– Connecting to Data Sources and Opening Workbooks
– Introduction to Prompts and Initial Report View
– Basic Report Navigation and Formatting
– Filtering
– Calculations
– Sorting and Conditional Formatting
– Saving Workbooks
– Hands-on Exercises include: Opening Existing Workbook and Perform Navigations, Filters, Calculations, and Formatting

Unit 3: Planning in Analysis for Office
– Planning Data in Analysis for Office
– Input Ready Queries
– Features of Planning Groups
– Workbook Outputs
– Hands-on Exercises include: Opening an Input-Ready QuerySwitching Between Display and Change Mode, Entering Plan Data, Recalculating, Saving, Undoing Changes, and Locking Cells

Unit 4: Understanding Planning Models and Capabilities in BPC 10.1 Embedded
– Planning Specific Objects in BW
– Planning Scenario Overview
– Features of Planning Groups
– Aggregation Levels
– Input Ready BEx Queries
– Key Figure Settings
– Planning Restrictions in BEx
– Tying Planning Functions/Planning Sequences to Reports
– Hands-on Exercises include: Reviewing Budget Summary Input Query, Setting up Inverse Formulas, and Viewing and Updating Query Planning Properties

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