See the Future. Plan Ahead.

Florence: The First Holistic, Enterprise-Ready Machine Learning Solution










Florence’s guided configuration enforces modeling best practices with ZERO lines of code.


Deploy with just a click, and easily connect to your existing CRM, S/4HANA, ERP, Planning and Reporting systems.


Chart your strategy with Florence’s explainable AI, giving not only accurate predictions but explaining why.

What can we do with Florence?

Interactive Dashboards

See how various factors influence  predictions and the impact on your business

Explainable AI

Banish the ”Black Box” with a detailed account of how models arrive at their predictions


Data Lab

Equipped with configuration based building for your machine learning models

Reference Models

Model chaining to create complex networks


Machine Learning Model Live Deployment

Deploy existing ML Models through Florence

Nondisruptive Deployment

Florence runs on: SAP Cloud Platform, HANA XS, Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure

BLS Integration

Integration with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to bring in economic factors

Solution Integration Pack

Pre-built integration to SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP BPC, SAP Fiori and SAP HANA. (Additional systems supported through RESTFul interfaces

Why Florence?

Florence brings traditional Statistical Financial Forecasting into the future, combining proven techniques with the latest technology to deliver incredibly accurate Forecasts in a fraction of the time. 

Models you can Trust

One of the biggest hurdles of adopting Machine Learning is the “Black Box” trust gap.  Florence solves this by providing an unprecedented level of insight into how each Machine Learning model truly works with Explainable AI.

New Use Cases

Ever wonder about the impact of natural disasters on your Operating Expenses?  Or how your Trade Strategy impacts the bottom line?  With Explainable Predictions (the new norm with all Florence built models), a whole world of new possibilities is at your fingertips.

Immediate Value

Perhaps best of all, Florence doesn’t just create models… features like Adaptive Forecasting deliver immediate value, allowing Analysts and Executives alike to interact with Machine Learning models like never before. 

Built for the Enterprise

But you don’t have to interact with models in Florence.  Its robust integration framework can put predictions and explanations wherever you want them.  And Florence’s Life Cycle Management capabilities deliver the risk mitigating safeguards Enterprises demand

What’s included with Florence?

Forecast Process Automation

Forecast automatically with greater accuracy, understand each prediction with Explainable AI. Enrich your existing planning process with AI.

Strategic Planning

Using Florence’s scenario planning and What-If analysis, understand how environmental factors will impact your business and how you to respond.

Enterprise ML Orchestration

Deploy, consume, link, retrain and configure machine learning models. Build your ML Center of Excellence right the first time.

Demo: Adaptive Forecasting with Florence

Work with TruQua’s collaborative team of data scientists and SAP Integration Specialists to create and deploy Machine Learning models that are custom to your business and integrated with existing business systems.

A full license for Florence will be provided, free of charge, during the project phases and extending two weeks past the engagement for initial customer testing.

For more information or to schedule a quick 60-minute roadmapping call, contact us today.

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