TruQua’s one-of-a-kind software offering, TruAllocations™ is an SAP Business Planning and Consolidation add-on that will bring quick performance wins to your implementation with almost zero effort and minimal changes to your allocation scripts. This fast and non-disruptive technology can be deployed on any SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 7.x or 10.x implementation and delivers significant enhancements to the standard functionality of SAP BPC’s NetWeaver allocation engine.

  • Increase Performance: TruAllocations greatly improves the time it takes for your business to close. At some customers, we’ve seen improvements of over 10x. This is done through our proprietary  methodology that intelligently reduces calculations made during the close, harnesses the power of caching, executive intensive calculations within the ABAP stack, and parallelization
  • Table Based Allocations is SAP NetWeaver: Thanks to the TruAllocations engine; customers are now able to bring table-based allocations (a feature from Microsoft version) to SAP NetWeaver. This provides business users with an easy-to-use interface that helps remove some of the most common complexities surrounding the use of SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation.
  • Log smarter with an extended logging framework: TruAllocations has the capability to turn off logging for improved performance, but in addition to that, it also possesses an extended logging framework. This enables customers to roll out a high performaing, and even more efficient way to perform logging activities in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation.




Dramatically improving the month-end close at PepsiCo Mexico Foods

Learn how PepsiCo Mexico Foods was able to improve month-end closing cycle from actual 80+ hours of processing time to less than 10.

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