TruQloud is TruQua’s cloud offering that combines the flexibility, scalability, and power of world leading IaaS platforms utilizing our expert knowledge and experience in support and managed services.

Let our skilled engineers architect your solution, plan your migration strategy, and perform the cutover. Once migrated, our support organization will manage and support the network, firewall, IS, databases, and applications within your environment.

Why TruQloud?


TruQloud is a perfect fit for short term pilots for customers trialing new software packages, upgrades, or demoing pre-defined TruQua solution offerings, such as:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation
  • Central Finance
  • HANA Live & ERP Accelerators

TruQua’s “Try-And-Decide” offering allows customers to test fully functional software components without the initial capital investment! With on-demand pricing available, only pay for the up-time of the systems during the pilot. As a licensed SAP development partner TruQua can provide test and demo licenses for your pilot free of charge.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a perfect use-case for a cloud implementation over renting 3rd party equipment, server space, and paying for tape shipments.  We offer a number of solutions for this scenario which include cold backup replication, warm standby/continuous replication, and replicated VM imports (for virtualized environments).

Performance Testing

Considering a major component upgrade or HANA migration, but are not sure about the real world performance benefits?  Use TruQloud as your test platform.

TruQua can build a test landscape with your current releases and data.  Quickly clone and then upgrade to the proposed target architecture.  Then we evaluate the benefits of the solution by showing real world performance data driven by your business processes using automated tools.






Public Sector

TruQloud extends into the public sector cloud by leveraging our AWS partnership. We ensure that strict regulatory and compliance standards are met including but not limited to CSM Levels 1-5, DIACAP, FedRAMP, FISMA, ITAR, and FIPS 140-2.

Permanent Hosting

TruQloud permanent hosting is available in various tiers of service.  We support full production migrations, partial migrations, and secondary sites in unmanaged and managed configurations.  For new implementations our architects will work with you to create the solution that fits your company’s business and technical requirements.







SAP S/4HANA and SLT Deployments

Get your SAP S4/HANA and SLT systems up and running in a day using TruQloud. Projects like a Greenfield SAP S/4HANA 1709 implementation can take days to weeks to procure, install and configure. Now, using TruQloud, you can get your system up and running in one day with our pre-configured cloud-based solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

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1.     What is TruQloud?

TruQloud is TruQua’s proprietary managed public cloud service. It incorporates best in class IaaS hosting and TruQua’s proprietary IP and SAP knowledge to deliver complete solutions to our customers.

2.     How quickly can I deploy into TruQloud?

This depends on whether a TruQua reference landscape can be used or if entirely new systems are required. Time to deploy is typically hours to a handful of days. Our sales team will create a custom quote including estimates for building out your cloud solution including any migration activities.

3.     How do I get started?

Contact our Cloud sales team to start the process.

4.     How am I billed?

Billing is flexible and based on your requirements. For short term hosting like pilots an on demand hourly rate will make sense. For permanent or always on servers we offer contracted periods which reduce costs up to 30% over on demand. Network is based on usage and storage is based on allocation.

All costs are billed on a monthly basis.

5.     Are my systems secure?

Yes! TruQloud data centers have been audited and comply with the latest standards for physical and logical security. Even though systems are shared (in most cases), logical partitioning and virtual private cloud functionality allows us to separate and secure your systems. Dedicated instances are also available for complete isolation from a compute perspective if required.

6.     Is my data secure?

Yes! Only your instances will have access to the storage underneath. We also offer various encryption methods at request. This can be full disk encryption at the storage layer, OS level encryption, and/or database level encryption.

7.     What about connectivity?

VPN and direct line options are available for secure connectivity between your on premise systems and users into the cloud environment. As part of any cloud engagement, network connectivity will be addressed based on your specific requirements.

8.     What about external clients (non-corporate or non-VPN)?

This can be facilitated using edge/DMZ servers and load balancing to allow public Internet clients to access protected internal cloud systems. A combination of reverse proxy and strict firewall rules will be put into place to ensure only allowed requests are able to pass into secure network areas.

9.     What about performance?

Our engineers will size your platform based on the specific use case scenario or migration data we obtain in the requirements gathering phase. Once the migration is complete periodic checks will be performed to assess that the migrated systems are functioning as expected. TruQloud is a truly elastic platform and as such your systems compute capacity can be increased or decreased on demand.

10. Is support included?

Support is tiered from core infrastructure up through the application layer in our managed services offering. This can be set as a fixed number of hours per month included in the monthly billing, or can be completely separate based on negotiated rates and resource utilization.

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