Central Finance as the System of Record: An Interview with David Dixon

Central Finance as the System of Record:An Interview with David Dixon

With companies looking at SAP S/4HANA as a platform to guide them into the digital future, SAP Central Finance is becoming more popular as it provides a non-disruptive, accelerated side-car approach.

So, who should consider implementing SAP Central Finance? Central Finance is especially advantageous but not limited to companies with diverse and distributed systems as it provides the ability to perform the real-time replication of financial data from multiple instances into one central system without the need for reconciliation.

Recently SAP ran its Central Finance Thought Leadership Summit at their new office space in New York City. The summit was a 3-day event where leading consultancies from around the globe that specialize in Central Finance met and discussed the current and future direction of SAP’s Central Finance solution. SAP looks to these partners to help drive the direction of the solution as they share key use cases, scenarios, implementation experiences, and project challenges that they’ve experienced. In addition to SAP, participants at the forum included leadership from TruQua Enterprises, EY, Deloitte, Accenture, and PwC.

TruQua Enterprises has been working in conjunction with SAP in the testing and validation of SAP Central Finance since its inception 4 years ago and in addition has been speaking on the topic worldwide at SAP industry events.

In the video below, David Dixon, a Partner at TruQua Enterprises shares his insights into one of the most promising areas for Central Finance, the ability to shift to a central processing platform. A big part of this shift is moving key business processes such as central payments, credits, disputes, collections, treasury onto one central finance system which then becomes the harmonized system of record. Listen in as David shares advice on how customers can manage the challenge of decentralization and more insights into SAP Central Finance.

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