Podcast Series: Explainable AI for Finance with SAP and TruQua

An Introduction to Explainable AI

Most pieces written about Enterprise AI (Artificial Intelligence) focus on automating business processes for a very simple reason – it doesn’t take any imagination to see the value.  Automating a task that costs a million dollars a month with technology that costs two million to implement pays for itself in two months.  Who doesn’t love that?

The only problem is that this automation-only mindset all too often overshadows potentially paradigm-shifting use cases where employees work with AI, instead of simply offloading their tasks to it. Have you ever wanted to gauge the impact of a hard to predict an event, like a hurricane, on your business’s bottom line?  Maybe you’d like to compare the probable financial outcomes of a strategic decision before you make it?

By combining Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence, employees can do the seemingly impossible.  That said, there are challenges to overcome to realize this potential.  Listen in to our 3-part podcast series as Birgit Starmanns of SAP alongside JS Irick and Daniel Settanni of TruQua, an IBM Company discuss some of the key trends, challenges, and issues as it relates to AI and Machine Learning for Finance.

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