TruQua Training: Group Reporting Bootcamp

SAP Group Reporting Bootcamp is an online training course that provides learners with 17 hours of training for those looking to learn best practices, implementation approaches, and tips for utilizing SAP Group Reporting. Kirk Anderson, Chief of Financial Solutions at TruQua takes learners through all the ins and outs of Group Reporting in this lecture and demo-driven online, on-demand training course.

Sample agenda topics include:

  • Introduction to Group Reporting
  • Configuration Best Practices for Group Reporting
  • A Detailed Look at Data Preparation/Integration in Group Reporting
  • A Functional and Technical Overview of Consolidation Processing Reporting Concepts and Logic
  • Key Implementation Considerations for Group Reporting


A Sneak Peek at our Group Reporting Bootcamp

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Course Overview

The course contains lecture-based material providing step-by-step technical training on how to leverage Group Reporting. TruQua’s curriculum for the Group Reporting Bootcamp is built on a problem-solving approach. TruQua’s bootcamps are unique, in relation to other bootcamps or trainings, because of our ability to provide content that is both dynamic and customizable. By supplying dynamic content we can efficiently target different user groups and provide them with information that aligns well with their day-to-day responsibilities. Additionally, with a repository of constantly developing content, we can strategically customize our content to meet our client’s needs.

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