SAP BPC Embedded Bootcamp: Three Day Boot Camp Series Covering the Latest Functionality in SAP BPC Embedded

TruQua’s SAP BPC Embedded Bootcamp provides attendees with 3 full days of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises which go beyond theory and provide a stepby-step technical training for SAP BPC 10.1 (Embedded). Each participant will be given a training environment in TruQua’s SAP system to work through these exercises. TruQua’s SAP BPC Embedded Bootcamp teaches from a problem-based approach. TruQua believes the best way to learn is for our attendees to get into the system to use the tools themselves and through guided instruction, solve problems so they gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding, rather than simply listening to a lecture.

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Day 1 – Analysis for Office Training Goals:
• Open reports and analyze data using the tool SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office
• Perform advanced reporting capabilities including creating custom calculations, applying filters and sorts, and conditional formatting
• Create and save custom workbooks to share with colleagues and other users
• Understand the planning capabilities of the tool • Develop and enhance custom planning and reporting workbooks

Unit 1: Introduction to SAP Analysis for Office

Unit 2: Basic and Advanced Reporting in Analysis for Office

Unit 3: Planning in Analysis for Office Unit 4: Understanding Planning Models and Capabilities in BPC 10.1 Embedded



Day 2 – BPC Embedded Modeling

Unit 1: BPC Embedded Overview
Unit Goals:
• Understand the evolution of SAP Planning solutions
• Review the basic concepts in SAP BPC
• Compare SAP BPC Standard and Embedded

Unit 2: Modeling Planning Scenarios
Unit Goals:
Review planning-enabled objects: Real-time InfoCube and Direct-update DSO
• Aggregation levels • Input Ready Queries: pre-requisites, settings, disaggregation Unit Exercises:
• Create Real-Time InfoCube
• Create Direct-Update DSO
• Create a Query with Formulas

Unit 3: Advanced Planning Capabilities
Unit Goal
• Understand aggregation Levels
• Review the activities performed within the Planning Modeler (t-code RSPLAN):
– Planning Functions
– Filters
– Planning Sequences
– Characteristics Relationships
– Data Slices
– Formula-type planning functions (FOX) Unit Exercises:
• Convert units of measures by planning function
• Copy versions by planning function •
Distribute quantities by planning function
• Create a formula to calculate revenue from price
• Data locking with data slices
• Master data derivation with characteristic relationships
• Cross-version price calculations with FOX
• Price calculation from material master with FOX

Day 3 – BPC Embedded Administration and Operations

Unit 4: BPC Embedded Modeling and Administration Services
Unit Goals:
• Review BPC Environments
• Review BPC Models
• Review Dimension Administration
• Understand WorkStatus
• Understand Business Process Workflows
• Review Auditing Functionality Unit Exercises:
• Create an environment and model
• Activate and use auditing functionality

Unit 5: Query and Planning Design and Reporting
Unit Goals:
• Understand Characteristics, Key Figures, and their properties.
• Know how to use Restricted and Calculated Key Figures • Get familiar with Hierarchies, Structures, Variables and Filter
• Apply Exceptions and Conditions on the queries and reports
• Analysis for Office
– Plan data manually
– Plan data using planning objects
– Use formulas – Use macros Unit Exercises:
• Execute a Planning Sequence in Analysis for Office
• Use Analysis for Office Excel Functions
• Use Analysis for Office Excel Macros




For more information on the agenda and course format, download a copy of  TruQua’s BPC Embedded Bootcamp brochure.

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