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Take SAP Central Finance for a Test Drive Utilizing Cloud Technology

Take SAP Central Finance for a Test Drive Utilizing Cloud Technology

Authored by Julien Delvat, TruQua

Undertaking a digital transformation project can be frustrating at times. There are so many decisions to take regarding scope, architecture, sizing, performance, etc. There is always a risk that undersizing will be limiting the platform and that oversizing will be a waste of resources. In addition, team leads are always looking for any hands-on experience that could increase user adoption.

These challenges apply especially to SAP Central Finance, a deployment option for S/4HANA, SAP’s latest ERP. Customers tend to select a Central Finance strategy when:

  • A gradual landscape transformation is easier than a full system upgrade
  • The organization runs several SAP and / or non-SAP systems
  • Information needs to be collected and analyzed at the most granular level to support real-time decision making.

For organizations looking for a way to validate their strategy to adopt SAP S/4HANA using Central Finance, TruQua offers TruQloud, a cloud-based Try-and-Decide solution now supporting Central Finance pilots. Without any expensive and time-consuming capital expense requirement, simply leverage our secure TruQloud templates to connect Central Finance directly to your own data and see S/4HANA for yourself. Real-life data will contribute to a more accurate business case both technically and functionally.



Once a final decision to move forward with Central Finance has been made, you will have the opportunity to transition to your target platform, on-premise or in the cloud, while taking advantage of the early hands-on work that you already invested.

For more information on the Try-and-Decide offering, visit: https://www.truqua.com/project/try-and-decide-offering/ or contact TruQua at info@truqua.com.

Disclaimer: TruQloud is licensed for the testing and demonstration of Central Finance and SAP S/4HANA. As a licensed SAP development partner, TruQua can provide test and demo licenses for your proof of concept, free of charge.

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