Accelerate your next SAP Finance Project with TruQloud

What is TruQloud?

TruQloud is our cloud offering that combines the flexibility, scalability, and power of world leading IaaS platforms. Our skilled engineers architect your solution, plan your migration strategy, and perform the cutover, and once migrated, our experienced team manages and supports the network, firewall, IS, databases, and applications within your environment.


With a pre-configured, cloud-based environment, you can accelerate your SAP Central Finance and S/4HANA implementation.

Secure Templates

Leverage our secure, pre-configured templates to connect Central Finance directly to your own data and see S/4HANA for yourself.

Use your own Data

Finance scenarios can be stood up with your own data in weeks not months.

Easy Transition

Should you move forward with a solution, easily transition to your target platform, on-premise or in the cloud, while taking advantage of the early hands-on work that you already invested.

Performance Insights

Gain relevant performance statistics, technology use case insights and end-user feedback to build your business case and roadmap.

Find out how TruQua can take you farther, faster, together.

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