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SAP Group Reporting

TruQua’s SAP Group Reporting Bootcamp Training Bundle is an online training course that provides learners with 17 hours of training for those looking to:

  • Get an introduction to Group Reporting and how it fits within the overall SAP S/4HANA landscape, both in standard S/4HANA and Central Finance environments

  • See implementation approaches and configuration best practices from successful Group Reporting implementations

  • Understand key Group Reporting functions and get tips for utilizing Group Reporting in your organization

  • And more!

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An Introduction to SAP Group Reporting

  • Gain an understanding of how Group Reporting fits within the overall SAP S/4HANA landscape, both in standard S/4HANA and Central Finance    environments
  • Walk through the technical framework of Group Reporting and understand how it differs from traditional consolidation applications
  • Understand key Group Reporting functions at a high-level
  • Gain an appreciation for the unique business benefits of the newly introduced Matrix consolidation functionality (dynamically supporting both legal and management consolidation)
  • Learn how to install and use the delivered content in Group Reporting
  • Walkthrough and learn to navigate the Group Reporting IMG and Fiori Launchpad



Ins and Outs of Group Reporting Master Data

  • Understand how to both define and or adopt best practice content for key master data including ledgers, versions, consolidation chart of accounts (financial statement Items), entities, trading partners, groups, and additional dimensionality
  • Gain an introduction to the concept of Global Accounting Hierarchies, where they are applicable, and how to maintain
  • Learn about delivered accelerators to assist with the creation/maintenance of master data as well as the mapping between local and consolidated accounts



Configuration Best Practices for
Group Reporting – Part 1

  • Learn how to integrate transactional data with the
    underlying S/4HANA system
  • Understand key Group Reporting configuration concepts
    and activities, inclusive of how to maintain/adapt delivered best practice content to your specific business requirements
  • Learn how to configure the data monitor in order to execute the configured functions**Key business functions to be addressed during part 1 will focus on data collection, validations, posting of adjustments and reclassifications.



Configuration Best Practices for
Group Reporting – Part 2 

This session is intended to continue the investigation into Group Reporting configuration concepts and activities, including the following unit goals:

  • How to maintain/adapt delivered best practice content to your specific business requirements
  • How to configure currency translation and group level business functions
  • How to configure the consolidation monitor to support execution of group-level functions



A Detailed Look at Data Preparation/Integration in Group Reporting

  • Get tips and best practices for navigating and running data preparation/ integration tasks via the Data monitor and related Fiori apps
  • Understand how various tasks interact with each other and can be changed
  • Understand the execution of each task in the data monitor via live demonstration



A Functional and Technical Overview of Consolidation Processing 

  • Get tips and best practices for navigating and running the activities in the consolidation monitor and related Fiori apps
  • Walkthrough each task in the consolidation monitor in order to better understand its specific purpose
  • See the execution of each task in the data monitor via a live demonstration
  • Become familiar with the use of generated logs in order to analyze the result of performing each task



Reporting Concepts and Logic

  • Get an introduction to key reporting concept of CDS Views and how it supports Group Reporting across multiple UIs
  • Learn how the results of consolidation are stored and how the overall consolidated result is generated during reporting
  • Understand reporting concepts: Time dependency, period and YTD reporting, and multiple selections
  • Understand the concept of Reporting Items and how it is used to support the generation of key business reports such as Cash flow statements
  • Get an overview of how to build reports using Reporting Items
  • Understand the best practice reporting content delivered by SAP



Understanding Fiori based Reporting in
Group Reporting

  • Understand the standard delivered Fiori based reporting functionality available with Group Reporting
  • Learn how to access and navigate the Fiori reports in Group Reporting
  • See how to customize Fiori tiles and Fiori tile groupings for the end-user
  • Gain an introduction to the concept of Custom Analytical Queries and how it can enhance your overall reporting solution



An Introduction to Group Reporting in Excel and SAP Analytics Cloud Reporting

  • Learn how to create queries in Group Reporting and view them in SAP Analysis for Office
  • Find out how to use SAP Analysis for Office to navigate your data
  • Understand how to slice and dice the consolidation data within SAP Analysis for Office and how to create and or display queries
  • Learn how to build formatted reports and workbooks via demonstration
  • Examine how SAP Analytics Cloud directly accesses Group Reporting data for analytical and formatted reporting purposes via a Live data connection
  • Understand the best practice content delivered by SAP
  • Understand how to build basic SAP Analytics Cloud reports leveraging a Group Reporting model and the delivered best practice content via demonstration



Key Implementation Considerations for
Group Reporting 

  • Understand the key business requirements which need to be identified in order to most effectively support implementation
  • Learn about key considerations in the design/implementation of the underlying S/4HANA and/or Central Finance environment in order to support a future implementation of Group Reporting
  • Hear lessons learned from Group Reporting

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