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True quality partnerships to build your future ahead of the curve.

Build your future ahead of the curve.

We achieve breakthrough moments with problem-solving skills that draw from both fact-based and experimental approaches. Widely regarded as the “brain trust” inside the IT and SAP industries, we deliver results beyond what you expect. Beyond what you thought was possible. We bring legendary technical excellence, and the thought leadership to translate specific solutions into high-level business results.

"As a leading system integrator for Central Finance, TruQua's contribution to the overall adoption of the solution has been more than impressive. The success and quality of their work is a direct result of their core values which are centered around being a truthful and reliable partner of our customers, with consistent and pro-active engagement with the team at SAP."

— Carsten Hilker, Global Solution Owner for Central Finance, SAP

Working with TruQua means working with true solution experts.

We are always on the forefront of SAP technology, because our firm invests heavily into infrastructure and training. This pays off in the form of your business results. And this constant hunt for improvement radiates internally as well. Inside TruQua, we value a hierarchy of ideas above all else. Those with the best solutions move quickly. Anyone we bring onto our team must meet the highest quality standards so they can hit the ground running. As a team, we constantly support each other with the active exchange of perspectives and expertise. We rely upon openness, continuous growth, and collaboration as the way to build upon ongoing successes.

Take your career farther. Let's create tomorrow's innovations, together.

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