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We don’t just follow best practices.
We create them.

Our Difference is in our name.

After nearly a decade of providing SAP solutions to Fortune 500 companies, our name remains an apt description of what to expect from working with us. We are committed to true quality in the solutions, results, and relationships that we develop. We don’t just follow best practices–we create them. When we approach a challenge, we stay on course, so that we always provide straightforward, actionable advice and immediate solutions.

We started with strong partnership and even stronger innovation.

In 2010, long-time colleagues, Scott Cairncross and David Dixon, co-founded TruQua in Chicago with the vision to create the best environment for innovation, solutions accelerators and a team that propels our clients’ businesses forward. From our beginning, we have been an official SAP service and software development partner with leading-edge expertise, a non-stop drive, and a passion for collaboration.

Our team thrives on a diversity of ideas.

As our co-founders built TruQua, they prioritized building a team with an unusual blend of SAP skillsets and backgrounds. This gives our team not only extensive capabilities, but also unparalleled problem-solving abilities. Today, TruQua specializes in roadmap strategies, project implementations, post-go-live support and software solutions in the areas of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Central Finance, SAP MDG, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform, Machine Learning and more.

Consulting & Implementation

To achieve your business objectives, you need the right experience and insight in your corner to gain a true competitive advantage. We bring expertise to every part of the equation, from support for key decisions to project management, change management, architectural dependencies, solution expertise, and quality control. We’re your expert guide to financial and analytic implementations.

  • International reach: We have a strong presence in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico and Canada as well as a partnership in the U.K
  • A proven track record: The praise and awards we receive from our clients is proof positive of the reliable services we provide across a series of successful project efforts.
  • Both functional and technical expertise: It is a rare combination, but our project team brings multi-faceted insights and excellence in order to deliver meaningful results.

Technical Expertise

Our experts are on the forefront of SAP capabilities to maximize the potential technology has to grow your business. This makes us uniquely capable to filter our SAP solution and process designs through the lens of holistic architecture, engineering, and change management disciplines. That’s why leading companies trust us to take them farther faster together with specialized skills in SAP Central Finance, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BPC, SAP BW, SAP HANA, Machine Learning and more.

  • The power to simplify: We can clearly visualize and articulate complex functional concepts and technical landscapes into easy-to-digest deliverables, in both written and graphic formats.
  • Solid guidance: We are your partner in navigating challenges and prescribing solutions to achieve desired outcomes.
  • From big picture to details in motion: We develop architectural frameworks to help break project plans down into more accurate tasks, to pinpoint resources, and to establish dependencies that will achieve your overall program goals.

Software Accelerators

We are hands-on innovators. Once we identify a technical challenge to overcome or a gap in standard functionality that we need to bridge, we develop solutions in the form of software and solution accelerators. Our innovations accelerate projects, facilitate knowledge transfer, and enable new features inside every implementation we touch.


Transferring working knowledge to our clients is the key to how we maximize the value of our solutions. We support the evolution of systems and processes with training and ongoing communication. With customizable, hands-on, exercise-driven course offerings, we create a classroom atmosphere where we can bring everyone up to speed on SAP Central Finance, SAP Group Reporting, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BPC, and more.

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