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Streamline Financial Planning & Analysis with SAP and TruQua

True Quality Guidance on the Right FP&A Solution for Your Business

Whether its SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BPC, or SAP Profitability and Performance Management, you can count on TruQua’s expertise to guide you through your options and implement the right solution for your business. Together, TruQua will help you compare the different the tools, versions, and available deployment options from SAP and choose what makes the most sense for your organization.

Taking You Farther with These Financial Planning Solutions

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation
SAP Profitability & Performance Management

Supporting your business with the following planning, budgeting, and reporting needs


  • Budgeting

  • Sales/Revenue Planning

  • Capital Expenditure Planning

  • Headcount/Staffing

  • Expense Planning

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Variance Analysis

  • Driver Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Rolling Forecasts

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow

  • Integrated Financial Statement Modeling

  • Scenario Modeling

  • Predictive Planning

  • Price-Volume-Mix

Why Choose TruQua?

Project & Organizational Change Management
Using a hybrid agile and waterfall implementation approach with a change management focus, TruQua’s methodology is proven to accelerate customers’ SAP implementations.

Proven Customer Success
TruQua has a proven track record of successful implementations across a variety of projects and industries.

Near Shore Delivery and Support Model
TruQua offers a ‘near-shore’ model based out of Latin America (primarily Brazil), providing quality of resources, working time-zone, and a better understanding of the business processes and financial regulations in the Americas.

TruQua provides both on-site and virtual training that covers key concepts, scenarios, common use cases, best practices and implementation insights for all versions of SAP BPC as well as SAP Analytics Cloud.

Find out how TruQua can take you farther, faster, together.

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