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Take your career farther

Who We Are:

TruQua is short for True Quality and was founded on three key principles of “Smart, Driven and Nice.” From the start, we have strived to hire individuals who embody these core values both at work and in life. As a result, we have created a workplace that strikes the right balance of professionalism, innovation and thoughtfulness. At TruQua, our employees take their jobs seriously and take pride in cultivating a collaborative culture that promotes skills development and career growth. We know how important it is to share knowledge and build upon complementary strengths. As a certified Great Place to Work, we care about our people, and firmly believe that Truth and Quality are not just about What we do, but How we do it.

Why Join TruQua, an IBM Company?

When you join TruQua, you not only become an IBMer, but you also get to join our incredible TruQua team and family! It is a “best of both worlds” ideal scenario that enables employees to be part of a smaller brand with all the benefits of a large firm. As a consultant, you will have the opportunity to work on Finance Transformation projects that span both TruQua and IBM clients on a national and global scale. You will also have ample opportunity to learn new skills and grow your expertise in various areas across technologies, industries and geographies. IBM and TruQua firmly believe in the power of continuous education, which we encourage all employees to take advantage of via proprietary trainings, certifications and courses you will be given free access to. The future of Finance Transformation involves many exciting opportunities involving new technologies, cutting-edge solutions and management consulting skills, which we look forward to sharing with you when you  join us!

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True Quality Benefits

Competitive salaries

Paid vacation

401k with matching

Health, dental
and vision

Hands-on training

Strong work-life balance