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Building Business Driven Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

As an industry-recognized trusted advisor and partner, TruQua can help your business distill business data to uncover impactful insights for better decision making.

Supporting business needs: Leverage the latest business intelligence technologies and a broad array of data sources using a flexible and scalable platform

Enhancing data quality and consistency: Transform your data into useful & digestible information with comprehensive business intelligence tools we can help implement

Optimizing performance: Achieve business agility by using a live data connection in a hybrid analytic strategy

Taking You Farther with These Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions



SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP BusinessObjects Intelligence Suite


SAP Analytics Cloud

Benefits of cutting-edge Business Intelligence

Instantaneous Reporting

Single source of truth

​Focus on Data Analysis

Promote standardized BI systems toolkit​

Reduces the use of Excel for reporting

Self-serve analytics & reporting​

Why Choose TruQua?

Project & Organizational Change Management
Using a hybrid agile and waterfall implementation approach with a change management focus, TruQua’s methodology is proven to accelerate customers’ SAP implementations.

Proven Customer Success
TruQua has a proven track record of successful implementations across a variety of projects and industry.

Near Shore Delivery and Support Model
TruQua offers a ‘near-shore’ model based out of Latin America (primarily Brazil), providing quality of resources, working time-zone, and a better understanding of the business processes and financial regulations in the Americas.

TruQua provides both on-site and virtual training that covers key concepts, scenarios, common use cases, best practices and implementation insights for all SAP data warehousing and business intelligence solutions.

Find out how TruQua can take you farther, faster, together.

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