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SAP General Ledger: Key functionality and a sneak peek at our upcoming webinar

Authored by Leo Schultz, SVP of Consultant Services, TruQua

The digital CFO needs a dynamic, flexible chart of accounts that provides enough detail to see the true measures of business activity like profitability by division by customer by product by sales order – in real-time. Simply stated the SAP General Ledger (Universal Journal) delivers that kind of dynamic flexibility.

TruQua is pleased to announce our latest webinar  “What’s new in SAP S/4HANA for Finance”, scheduled for Thursday, April 9th to showcase the enhancements to the SAP General Ledger and Universal Journal, including multi-ledger, document splitting, and SAP Central Finance. This blog features a sneak peek at a few of the enhancements our upcoming webinar on the SAP General Ledger will cover.


Key functionality delivered with the SAP General Ledger

  • Dynamic Chart of Accounts with over 300 dimensions to be used to report business activity
  • Document Splitting – providing the ability to manage the balance sheet by business segment(s) without additional allocations.
  • Multi-Ledgers – providing the ability to record multiple reporting requirements such as GAAP & IFRS without having to replicate transactions.
  • Auto-Intercompany – providing the ability to record balanced intercompany transactions (Live) eliminating unnecessary reconciliations.
  • Currency Translation – providing the ability to record currency translations and revaluations (Live) for accurate financial statement reporting in multiple currencies at any level of business activity.

Business Benefits of the SAP General Ledger

  • A singular view of all transactions through the Universal Journal provides live information at a deep level of business segment granularity.
  • SAP’s S/4HANA table optimization simplifies the structure of ERP providing finance the ability to report faster due to no data latency and/or reduced time spent on system reconciliations.
  • 20-40% reduction in audit fees; 40-50% reduction in days to close annual books
  • 20-40% reduction in G/L and financial closing costs
  • 10-20% reduction in business analysis and reporting costs

Register today for our upcoming webinar:

April 9: Examining the SAP General Ledger including multi-ledger, document splitting, and SAP Central Finance


About the Author

Leo P Schultz CPA, MBA, SVP of Consulting Services, TruQua

Leo has 10 years of SAP experience covering Financial Planning & Analysis including BPC and SAP Analytics in addition to his knowledge of  Central Finance. Leo is an expert at SAP Finance Transformation

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