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Gain the the most value
from your Technology investment​

Whether you have an immediate short-term project or in need of a long-term trusted partner, TruQua is here for you. 

From business process optimization to IT and infrastructure support, the Continuum Service team at TruQua helps organizations make the most of their IT investments. Together we will work to offer a resourcing model that meets the individual needs of your business. 

“Prior to working with TruQua, a lot of our annual planning process was manual and very time-consuming. TruQua helped implement a much-streamlined system to help reduce the manual work needed in order for the business to do AOP. Working with TruQua has been great, the consultants/support team are very knowledgeable and are always willing to assist and answer any questions related to BPC/BW.”

— Jazel Baquero, NewMarket

How we help our Continuum Customers

  • Serve as a Knowledge Bridge to directly transition relevant project information to our Continuum Service team to ensure appropriate collaboration, knowledge transfer and information sharing.
  • Go above and beyond traditional support with additional services including sizing, updates, upgrades,
    performance tuning, troubleshooting, new functionality such as error handling, and more.
  • Work directly with the functional and business teams of our client to help them navigate complexities and challenges that can arise following the implementation.
  • Offer our continuum customers custom support plans based on a company’s specific requirements. TruQua will share the latest tips, tricks, and other useful information

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Find out how TruQua can take you farther, faster, together.

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