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Announcing the release of Florence, TruQua’s Machine Learning platform built to integrate with SAP Systems

Announcing the release of Florence, TruQua’s Machine Learning platform built to integrate with SAP Systems

CHICAGO, IL, APRIL 03, 2018— TruQua Enterprises, LLC, a leading SAP software and services firm, today announced the release of Florence, the first Machine Learning platform built to integrate with SAP Systems.  Deployed on the cloud, Florence provides a platform for the simple, and secure deployment of Machine Learning algorithms, with secure connectivity to SAP business systems.

As Machine Learning capabilities evolve, so does the need to integrate Data Science, Finance and Logistics groups quickly, with minimal disruption to existing business processes, which is how the idea for Florence originated. TruQua developed Florence to simplify the usage of Machine Learning models within SAP. Utilizing the Florence platform, SAP technologies such as S/4HANA, SAP HANA, Cloud Applications and Business Intelligence applications can now integrate seamlessly with Machine Learning predictions, without the need for additional infrastructure or software licenses.

With the announcement of Florence, TruQua has created three targeted offerings designed to help customers on their Machine Learning journey. These offerings include:

  1. First Steps with Florence – For customers who are just getting started with Machine Learning. A six-week engagement where customers work with Data Scientists to define the use case, build and initial model and integrate it with their business systems.
  2. Targeted Business Need – A five-week engagement to create an initial model and integrate it with existing business systems.
  3. Bridging Data Science and Finance- A two-week engagement to integrate Machine Learning models into a customer’s existing business systems.

For more information including demos, documents and use cases visit: florence.truqua.com

About TruQua Enterprises
TruQua Enterprises is an IT services, consulting, and licensed SAP development partner that specializes in providing “True Quality” SAP solutions to Fortune 500 companies with integrated, end-to-end analytic solutions.  Through project management, software innovation, thought leadership, implementation and deployment strategies, TruQua’s team delivers high value services through its proprietary knowledge base of software add-ons, development libraries, best practices, solution research and blueprint designs. TruQua has also been certified as a Great Place to Work and ranked #11 by Fortune Magazine’s “The 50 Best Companies to Work for in Chicago” in the Small and Medium Sized Companies category. For more information, please visit www.TruQua.com or follow us on twitter @TruQuaE.

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