Performance Optimization

Performance can’t save a poor implementation, however, it can ruin a good one. With our diagnostic tools and capabilities, we ensure our clients take actions that are proven to work.

At TruQua we believe so strongly that our implementations should perform well that it’s a cornerstone to all of our implementations. For a solution to be high performing several complex factors are involved.

We’ve broken it down to four factors which encapsulate our performance offering: performance problems must be accurately measured and benchmarks must be created; your solution must then be tested based on those measurements and benchmarks; next, your partner must have a broad end-to-end understanding of the solution from business process design to technical settings; and last, performance improvements need to be implemented in a manner that is aware of the broad spectrum of impacts a singular change may have.

SAP BPC Performance Optimization at IDEXX Laboratories

By partnering with TruQua, learn how IDEXX was able to significantly optimize the performance of its SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation system.

Dramatically improving the month-end close at PepsiCo Mexico Foods

Learn how PepsiCo Mexico Foods was able to improve month-end closing cycle from actual 80+ hours of processing time to less than 10.

Energizing PG&E with BPC Performance Optimization and Training

Learn how PG&E achieved an 800% performance improvement in the most problematic data retrieves in SAP BPC.

TruQua’s Methodology:


Full Diagnostics

Measuring performance is an important, and often underrated aspect of performance testing. The question every performance assessment should begin with is, how fast should the solution be performing? With our diagnostic tools and capabilities make sure our clients take actions that are proven to work.

Cross Discipline Expertise

Each TruQua consultant is expected to have a broad spectrum of technical understanding as well as the foresight into how functional design decisions can impact performance downstream. Our consultants are the “go-to” experts, having saved multiple implementations from performance issues and are recognized speakers and thought-leaders in this arena.

Advanced Stress Testing

TruQua has deep expertise in various load testing tools. We’ve even developed our own next generation of testing tools. With these tools we are able to test common scenarios so we can fix problems before they happen.  With our proprietary tools we can help your team size and design a responsive environment that adjusts to your business demands saving your business money by efficiently using their investments.

Technical and Functional Design Optimization

As technology advances, diagnosing performance issues become more and more difficult because, with the introduction of new technology, comes new areas for performance issues to arise.  To address this need, TruQua intensively trains its consultants in various business scenarios while simultaneously ensuring that each consultant stays current with the newest technologies.

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