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Finance Transformation and the Business Case for Accounting View of Logistics

How does Finance Transformation drive Enterprise-Wide Reporting? In the everchanging landscape of IT and financial software, SAP continues to innovate and drive finance transformation with …

New Perspectives Blog Series: Bringing AI to the Realm of Corporate Finance

Perspective 1: Getting Started with Machine Learning for Finance JS Irick: Daniel, a few weeks back you and I hosted a pre-conference session at SAP-Centric …

New Perspectives Blog Series: Maximizing Enterprise Collaboration with SAP

Welcome to TruQua’s New Perspectives blog series. This blog series provides a platform for our consultants to share their perspectives, insights, and experiences on emerging technologies such as SAP HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). This week we are going to be speaking with Andrew Xue. Andrew is a Consultant at TruQua, specializing in cutting-edge cloud analytic and planning technologies. Today Andrew and I are going to discuss some of the key trends we are seeing at customers as it relates to Collaborative Enterprise Planning and the latest capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud.

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Find out how TruQua can take you farther, faster, together.